General Site Rules

1. As a member of BetPerform, you must be 18 years of age or older in order to benefit from all services offered on the site. Members must prove that they are above the age of 18 as legally required by the population documents requested from them. The BetPerform Security Team reserves the right to keep accounts closed until the documents they have submitted have been checked and approved.


2. An individual has the right to open only one BetPerform account. If a member opens a new BetPerform account with a different email address and a different name, all bets on that account will be cancelled and the account will be closed by the Security Team.


3. BetPerform is entitled to request the identity and address documents of its members at any time and for any reason. The identity and address documents from the members have the right to temporarily close the relevant memberships during the control of the Security Division.


4. BetPerform members are obliged to comply with the laws on betting and gaming in their countries and, if necessary, to inform the relevant governmental authority about betting and gaming.


5. If members of BetPerform are responsible for the security of their user names and passwords and are suspected of having membership information, the password must be changed immediately.


6. Full, true and accurate information should be given when opening an account in BetPerform.


7. If a member opens an account with incorrect or unreal information, the account is cancelled and the account is closed. In such cases, the member is obliged to provide a formal ID such as identity card, driver's license or passport, and the telephone number, water, electricity bill or residence certificate belonging to the last 3 months to the Security Team showing the address and telephone information in the BetPerform account.


8. Members must contact Customer Representatives if they cannot remember their username, email and password information when logging into their BetPerform account.


9. BetPerform is not responsible for any loss of data that may occur during the use of the site from mobile devices and / or any possible extra charges of the relevant GSM / Internet operator.


10. Bets made after logging into account cannot be changed or cancelled.



11. BetPerform is not liable for any loss may be caused due to problematic and/or no access to, and /or disruption of communication, delayed data transfer on the site and possible errors or omissions in the content.


12. It is possible to download a photo or video from another site related to BetPerform or BetPerform only by special permission. Reproduction of photos, videos or other data downloaded in this manner is prohibited.


13. Bets and casino traffic on the site is constantly monitored and suspected bets are cancelled by the Security Team.


14. In the event of bonus and / or betting fraud, arb. type service membership and multiple account opening, BetPerform is authorized to close suspicious accounts and cancel the earnings in suspicious accounts and return the deposit to the member.


15. A member may only use BetPerform services through his / her account. In the event that more than one member consciously makes the same bet for the same event in close time, the respective bets are cancelled.


16. Details of all activities, such as the starting dates and dates of the events, activity results, team and athlete statistics, are for informational purposes only. BetPerform is not liable for any damages that may occur due to missing or inaccurate information given on the website.


17. BetPerform cannot be held responsible for the timing, completeness and accuracy of the services offered on the Site.


18. BetPerform cannot be held responsible for incomplete or incorrect translations of athletes and team names.


19. If there are more than one athlete with the same surname in the event of a different event on the site or if the name of the athlete is incomplete or incorrect when betting, the relevant bet is returned.


20. In the event that one or more of the athletes are broadcast in the wrong order, or if another team / athlete name is replaced by one or more athletes, the bets will be refunded. In such cases, the right to make the final decision is the BetPerform.


21. In the event that the athlete or team names are incorrect or incomplete in any event on the site, bets shall be deemed valid.


22. In any event on site, bets will be refunded if the gender of the athlete / team (female / male), status (replacement, etc.), age group etc., are published as if they are the characteristics of the athlete / team. If the gender of the team is not written, gender is considered male. If the gender is not written in the women's activities, the related bets will be refunded.


23. The time and date in the accounts are the time of acceptance of the bets made by the members. Bets are calculated according to the starting time and date specified in the official institution's records.


24. If the venue for a match on the site is not specified, the venue designated by the relevant government shall be considered valid. American sports are excluded. The details in the field of sports are informative and in case of incorrect details, the bets remain valid.


25. It may take a long time for bets to be approved when the Live Betting is made. This is a security measure taken by BetPerform.


26. Members use the current balance on their accounts when betting on the site or playing games. In BetPerform, there is no way to bet with credit.


27. BetPerform memberships are never used by third parties.


28. The actual language of the BetPerform Terms and Conditions is English. In the event of any dispute arising from translation errors, the English Terms and Conditions apply.