General Payment Rules

1. BetPerform memberships should only be used for betting and gaming purposes. In the event that the memberships are used for money laundering and cheating purposes, all transactions made from the relevant accounts are cancelled and the costs incurred by the account holder are paid by the account holder.


2. Unless they benefit from any promotions, members must have at least 1.5 odd bets on the sports field and 1 turn at a rate of at least 1.5 each. 25 times the amount deposited in the casino area must be translated. There is no withdrawal unless the required translation is completed. If members benefit from BetPerform Promotions, the conversion must be made according to the bonus rules received.


3. In order to prevent money laundering, BetPerform reserves the right to initiate an inquiry about the deposit concerned and to request the necessary documents from the account holders to determine the source of the amounts deposited in the account balances. If the documents provided by the account holders are insufficient or incomplete, the related accounts are closed for review and if necessary, the relevant authorities are informed about the situation.


4. Members cannot make withdrawals during the day of deposit.


5. Payment transactions are made only to account holders.


6. All payment and withdrawal transactions are made according to the currency selected in the BetPerform Membership Form. Detailed information about payment methods can be found in the "Deposit" and "Withdrawal" sections. BetPerform reserves the right to change the rules for payment transactions.


7. Withdrawals may be made by another method determined by BetPerform, except for the method requested by the members.


8. The Security Team may request a certificate of identity (telephone, electricity, water, bill or residence) from the members before or after the first withdrawal with a population certificate (ID, driver's license or passport) for the last 3 months.


9. Bank, credit card, debit card, depositors with EcoPayz must submit their documents to the Security Team prior to their first withdrawal. It is the responsibility of the members to ensure that no changes have been made to the documents sent to the Security Team and that their documents are completely legible. If any changes have been made to the documents submitted, the Security Team is obliged to inform the official institutions. Fraud, which is legally a crime, is in no way acceptable.


10. If a member opens more than one BetPerform account, BetPerform reserves the right not to pay the owners of the accounts concerned.


11. In all deposits and withdrawals made on the site, members must use only EcoPayz, bank, credit, debit card accounts registered in their name. BetPerform cancels the bets made by closing the related accounts if the members make transactions from the non-their-own EcoPayz, bank, credit, debit card accounts.


12. It is the responsibility of the account holder to report this to BetPerform in case of an excessive amount of money being transferred to an account balance due to an accidental or technical reason. Otherwise, the excess amount in the balance is cancelled by BetPerform.


13. At any time, the Security Team may ask account holders to submit documents to verify their account information in order to process their withdrawal requests. The requested documents must be sent to the Security Team by email. In cases where the information in the documents submitted by the members does not match the account information, the related accounts must verify the actual account information with the correct documents. During this time, the accounts are frozen by the Security Team.


14. No withdrawal requests should be made within 24 hours. Otherwise, BetPerform reserves the right to suspend or cancel the subsequent withdrawal requests until expiration.


15. In normal cases, withdrawals take place within a maximum of 72 hours. The period may be extended in cases requiring account verification or security check.


16. Weekly Casino winnings are maximum € 2,000.


17. The maximum gain limit for 24 hours is 10.000 USD.


18. Extra payments that may arise from exchange differences belong to the members.