Responsible Gaming

1. BetPerform is aware of the responsibility of betting and casino services.


2. BetPerform offers a reliable betting and gaming platform where individuals can legally join in real money. BetPerform, which has taken all kinds of measures to avoid any negativity, has prepared a safe and fair platform for its members. Our site is also respected for the purpose of making betting and playing games for entertainment purposes only.


3. The responsible game conceptually includes three basic elements: the security of the game, the safety of the participant and the prevention of dependence. BetPerform has taken all necessary measures to offer its members a safe and responsible betting and gaming platform.


The confidentiality of all the financial and personal information belonging to the members and all measures taken to prevent access of the individuals who are not legal. The safety and privacy principles of its members are always at the forefront for the BetPerform, which is under the control of the competent institutions.


Research - Intervention - Prevention


 1. Live, pre-match, virtual bets, casino and live casino games on our site are for entertainment purposes. Actions such as eating, shopping, alcoholic beverages, sports, such as a team can cause addiction, such as daily activities.


2. When individuals feel addiction to games and bets, they should seek support from competent experts. In case of requests of individuals who are members of our website, they are in contact with such institutions.


3. Individuals do not depend on the process as long as they are aware of their responsibilities.


4. At BetPerfom, we make every effort to make our members bet and play in an easy and safe environment, to communicate easily with our website and to provide full information on all transactions made on our website. Therefore, BetPerfom cannot be held responsible for the deposit made by our members in their own accounts.


Individuals who are legally underage cannot open accounts in BetPerform. The support and attention of families is important for the safety of minors.


 When registering to BetPerform, individuals must provide real and correct information in the “Date of Birth” field. Where necessary, the Security Team may ask members to send birth and address documents to verify the personal information provided during registration.


The user names and passwords of the membership accounts belong to the members themselves. Filtering programs are used legally to prevent unaccompanied individuals from accessing and processing some sites.


It is normal for individuals to bet and play without affecting their financial situation. When the members exceed the entertainment purpose and they are determined to pay and play, the necessary interventions are applied.


When the betting and the time spent in the game adversely affect the vital activities of the individuals in the day, the individuals behave in a negative way from the health and social point of view, and this situation harms individuals physically, socially and spiritually. ICD-10 and DSM-IV have accepted the pathological game addiction as a scientific disease in the 1980s.


Pleasure and Addiction are two very different concepts. In order to distinguish these two concepts, individuals must first be aware of their own behavior. The list below is important for individuals to be aware of their behavior and to question:


 Making an effort to regain lost amounts when placing bets or playing games


Apply for betting or play to avoid everyday problems such as personal, social, family, material


To spend most or all of the time in the day betting or playing games


Bet and lie to others about game behavior


To be angry and upset if access to sites that are used for betting or gaming purposes are blocked.


Individual committing a crime or attempted crime


During the day the mind is constantly betting and being in the game


Betting and uncontrolled participation after repeated losses in the game


Problem of social life of the individual


Individual to make more bets on the field and to play games to others to ask for debt



In order to reduce dependency considerably, the following elements must be taken into consideration:


 The individual must be aware of the possibility of betting and losing the amount used for the game.


The individual must control the amount used for betting and play.


The individual should stay away from betting and playing when he / she is nervous, stressed, tired, sad and under the influence of alcohol.


The individual has to pause for some time during the betting and playing.


When individuals are betting and are dependent on the game, they can freeze their BetPerform accounts between 6 months and 5 years, or they can close their accounts permanently. When members experience an addiction problem, BetPerform may terminate their membership on a temporary or permanent basis from 6 months to 5 years. Individuals may request to re-open their accounts that they have frozen or closed by connecting to Live Help or by sending an e-mail.