1. When you register for BetPerform, you understand and legally agree that you are of legal age. In case of failure to comply with this rule, the related memberships shall be cancelled.


2. Members are aware that their information is recorded in our system for any transaction they have made in BetPerform.


3. BetPerform has all the official licenses required to place bets on the internet and to play casino games.


4. In the case of possible objections to a transaction in BetPerform, the relevant situation shall be assessed in the courts of Curacao according to the laws of Curacao.


5. In some countries it is not legal to make a bet on sports and casino games. For this reason, it is the members own responsibility to comply with the laws of their respective countries. BetPerform takes into account these laws and is not responsible for informing its members. BetPerform shall not be held liable for any relevant damages.


6. While the amounts in the balances of the members are not kept in any bank account, no financial transaction in BetPerform is applied.


7. Objections to any information submitted in the BetPerform shall be evaluated within 5 days from the official conclusion of the event.


8. With the BetPerform Terms and Conditions, the database maintains its validity for any request or objection.


9. BetPerform does not make a recommendation in the event of a possible penalty or formal decision.


10. BetPerform provides its members with information about promotions on the site or innovations on the site via e-mail or telephone.


11. Any spelling error that may occur during translation, or any confusion of meaning that may be caused by the error, takes into account the original content of the Terms and Conditions.